Monday, February 21, 2011


WOW!!! What a great last few weeks. I have accomplished so much in the ART WORLD!!! I finished another painting, this one of a LAB. I also completed my grand-daughters Easter dress, which I smocked on white pique fabric. I smocked it in pale green and lavender. I also made a lavender slip to line it. Not sure what to do next. May start another dress and definetly will start another painting. Maybe.... another dog, but maybe another flower framed out of old baseboard. These have sold quite well for me. I pray that these creative juices keep on flowing!!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Finished my first painting in a new series I am going to be doing. Hope to get at LEAST 10 dog paintings done by the Christmas shows......This one is called PUG . It was a lot of fun to paint because it happens to be MY dog, Pudgy. It is 24 X 30 and is for sale. $ 400.00 + tax

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spent a wonderful afternoon at the Speed Art Museum looking at the new exhibit. The painting of Impressionism Era. It was amazing to see the different artists styles and colors. Made we want to go back to the Metropolitan Museum and spends HOURS again. To be able to paint like them would be amazing. Also, went through the museum gift shop and got some GREAT ideas for a few new things for my art shows coming up. NOW, my brain is going in all kind of directions.....NEED to focus. Almost finished with a new painting - new series of dogs- I really like this first one and am anxious to do more. Also, in the middles of smocking my granddaughter her first Easter dress. Also , have some ideas for some cute pillows and jewelry ideas. TOO bad I can't work on art 24/7. Well - for tonight I am going to try to focus on finishing my painting .